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  • Date posted: 07/07/14

    Application deadline: 12/31/15
    Position start date: Immediate

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  • Graduate Student (Full-time)
  • Natural Science and Engineering
  • University of Regina, Department of Physics
  • 3737 Wascana Parkway Regina, SK S4S-0A2 CANADA
  • Saskatchewan, Regina
  • Phone: +1 306 585 4240
  • Fax: +1 306 585 5659
  • Contact email:
    One of the top 10 unsolved problems in physics is the nature of the strong force where quark confinement dominates. I.E. it is poorly understood how quark and gluon interactions give rise to the observed properties of mesons and nucleons. This has motivated an ambitious program in Deep Exclusive electron scattering reactions, where the system responds coherently to the incoming probe and provides a clearer picture of the inner workings of QCD (the theory of strong interactions in the Standard Model). We lead several experiments at the newly upgraded Jefferson Lab (USA), which will take data with unprecedented accuracy and will measure some of these properties for the first time to better understand the underlying quark-gluon structure of these particles.

    We are looking for students interested in helping with the commissioning of the newly-upgraded experimental apparatus, and taking a major role in our experiments on pion, kaon and nucleon structure. Research would include data taking and detector work in the USA, data analysis, simulations and graduate class work in Canada. The experiments are middle-sized, being large enough for you to gain experience working in an international collaboration, yet small enough to be exposed to nearly every aspect of the research work. This would allow you to become a well-rounded scientist, capable of critical thinking, leadership and teamwork in your future career.

    - Funding support is available to all successful applicants.
    - In nuclear/particle physics, it is essential that you enjoy research in a collaborative setting, where you are responsible for the progress of your individual project, and interact frequently with the larger research group.
    - Preference is given to applicants with an intense interest in nuclear and particle physics, and experience with scientific computing such as c++, linux shell or fortran programming.
    - It is also valuable for applicants to have a good understanding of quantum mechanics and electrodynamics.
    - Information on the university's formal application procedure can be obtained at
    - Foreign applicants are expected to score good grades on either the TOEFL or IELTS English proficiency exams.

    Visit or contact Dr. Garth Huber at:
  • Academia. Degree required: Bachelors. Experience: 1 year or less.
  • Search related fields for more employment opportunities:
    Physics - Elementary Particles and Nuclear
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